• TRUTH Throat Chakra Sample Kit

TRUTH Throat Chakra Sample Kit


Imagine if all of the things that you wanted to say, dreams that you've held onto for so long, feelings you find yourself hiding around certain people, were suddenly not bottled up inside anymore - but expressed.  And you were free.


TRUTH Soaking Bath Salts (100g)

The perfect amount for a single bath or foot soak.  Soaking bath salts contain dead sea salt, himalayan pink salt and epsom salts. Rich in magnesium, they help soothe sore muscles & remove toxins.

TRUTH Whipped Salt and Sugar Salt (1 ounce)

Contains organic cane sugar, sea salt, coconut oil and avocado butter to exfoliate and leave your skin silky soft.

TRUTH Whipped Hand and Body Butter (1/2 ounce)

Rich in natural butters which are high in antioxidants and nourishing to the skin.

Essential oil blend - Peppermint, Eucalyptus

Crystal - Blue Lace Agate

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