Essential Oils 



Patchouli helps dispel negativity, sharpens the mind and helps manifest success. It's earthy base notes make the aroma incredibly grounding. 

Patchouli is found in: GROUNDED

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang has a sweet floral aroma that inspires feeling of well being. It is known to provide supportive energy during times of transition. Ylang Ylang is also great for the skin! It holistically plumps by promoting cell growth, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.   

Ylang Ylang is found in: GROUNDED



Sandalwood has a warm and comforting aroma. The grounding energy it carries supports clarity of mind. It helps lift depression and can encourage sound sleep.

Sandalwood is found in: GROUNDED

Angelica Root

Angelica Root is a powerful aroma to ease exhaustion and reduce stress. It is helpful in finding balance and setting out on new beginnings. Angelica root is also often associated with beauty and success.

Angelica Root is found in: GROUNDED


Neroli is widely used in the best and most expensive perfumes in the world. It’s intoxicating aroma is associated with creativity, fertility and cultivating one’s unique beauty. It’s also amazing for the skin and helps regenerate skin cells, maintain and restore elasticity and prevent wrinkles. 

 Neroli is found in: SEXY


Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange stimulates creativity, positive thinking and fertility. It’s also helpful in manifesting peace, love and fidelity.  

Sweet Orange is found in: SEXY, PEACE



Jasmine has been associated with beauty, love, fertility and sex for centuries. Jasmine is great for smoothing dry, irritated skin. It’s uplifting aroma raises and lightens the spirit. One pound of this precious oil is produced using around 2,000 pounds of jasmine flowers!

Jasmine is found in: SEXY, INTUITION, BLISS 


Peppermint has a refreshing scent that stimulates the mind to usher in clarity and focus. It is a powerful aroma to banish negative energy and overcome negative thought patterns.

Peppermint is found in: POWER, TRUTH 


Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit supports an increase in the strength it takes to manifest abundance. It can also balance emotions and help promote a sense of confidence.  

Pink grapefruit is found in: POWER


Ginger's spicy, warming aroma makes it a great purifier for personal energy and emotional clearing. It is associated with courage, confidence, and can help stimulate stability and general well-being.  

Ginger is found in: POWER 


Lemongrass is often used to usher in clarity and focus to anyone seeking answers on how to carry out their purpose. It’s refreshing for the mind and helps us learn to trust what we feel.  

Lemongrass is found in: POWER, INTUITION



Rose is the symbol of love and purity. It attracts connection, instills deep devotion and welcomes peace into the home. Rose is a beautiful oil to calm the nervous system and lift our spirits. It's much like a calming hug. Rose absolute is a powerful healer for dry, mature and sensitive skin.

Rose is found in: PEACE



Frankincense has a long tradition of connection with spirituality, inspiration and love. It can help enable us to be in the here and now, and is associated with balance, comfort and happiness. Skin benefits include helping to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenating tired and aging skin.

Frankincense is found in: PEACE



Eucalyptus is known for its powers of purification. It quickly dispels and clears negative energy. It’s cooling refreshing aroma supports clear communication and focused concentration.

Eucalyptus is found in: TRUTH


Sweet Birch

Sweet Birch is a long time symbol of health and purification. When looking to receive inspiration and wisdom, Sweet Birch can help expand awareness and pull forth clarity. It aids us in learning the lessons from our past so that we can move forward and make a fresh start.

Sweet Birch is found in: INTUITION 



Lavender's soothing aroma aids in releasing negativity and allows us to relax. It brings harmony to our body and mind by creating a calm order within. Lavender is often associated with longevity 

Lavender is found in: BLISS  



Cedarwood has a warming energy that supports sustained growth and renewal. Cedarwood is a beautiful oil to use when seeking peace of mind and inspiration. 

Cedarwood is found in: BLISS


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